A shopping experience worth its weight in gold

Young jewelry enthusiasts as well as long-time enthusiasts agree on a choice: they want the best of what jewelry has to offer.

And they want to get it at the right price, that is, the best, quickly and without having to compromise on after-sales service.

Finally, virtual marketplace or not, they want a real relationship of trust

with their merchant.

At the helm of the Rayon d'Or Jewellery since its founding in 1965, its owner is still there, and as a captain, he is here to stay like the English.

Five decades, almost six, to deepen his knowledge, to acquire the most precious materials, to pass on his know-how to his team, and to meet the sharp expectations of a clientele that continues to evolve, this does not go without a solid reputation of probity.

At rayon d'Or Jewellery, online or "present" sales are the same: no compromise on product quality and speed of service, no service disruption once the sale is made and above all the assurance of the fairest price, that is, the best.